Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All aboard the USS Indian Summer!

Today was another busy day at camp. We started the morning like usual with polar bear swim, yoga, and the running group.  We had some great visitors today at camp.  We had an artist come today and she led a painting workshop.  The paintings turned out wonderful and the campers had a good time.

The graduating seniors took a special field trip today.  They went to see Baby Driver at the movie theater and then went to a Hibachi restaurant for lunch.   Back at camp, Papa Johns sponsored lunch and we filled our bellies with cheese, pepperoni and sausage pizza.  Thank you for the generous donation!

Today was filled with activities.  This afternoon we had manicures from Jamberry, and we made soap in the dining hall.   We also enjoyed snow balls from Snow What.  It was a hot afternoon so the indoor activities were popular.  For the next few days we will be altering our schedule to make sure campers are staying well hydrated and out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.  We'll swim in the morning and offer indoor and shaded activities in the afternoon.  We also set up a misting station under the pavilion.

For dinner we enjoyed Mission BBQ, mac and cheese, green beans and blueberry cobbler.  After dinner we had inflatables similar to the ones from family day.  They were a huge hit.  Once the sun went down we began glow in the dark games.  Cabins completed challenges and received puzzle pieces.  Once their puzzle was complete they came to the dining hall to enjoy their prize. We set up a glow in the dark dance and icecream party.  Right now all the campers are tucked into their beds and the staff is setting up the dining hall for a game in the morning.

Good night from all the campers and staff at Indian Summer Camp!

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