Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shipwrecked Thursday

What another great day at Indian Summer Camp packed full of fun! Polar Bear Swim may have gotten rained out, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the rest of the day completely rain free!

Our morning was filled with gem mining and swimming before cabins started constructing their “shipwrecked” boats. Each cabin was given a pool noodle, duct tape and rope in order to put together rafts. Then each cabin faced off to see which boat could get across the pool the fastest. Cabin #1 ended up with the victory after some creative use of their rope!

After a yummy lunch, the afternoon was jammed packed with arts & crafts where the campers made mermaid tiaras and Popsicle boats for the creek. We also had fishing, basketball, and inflatable archery tag target practice. Campers are also earning lots of coins for good deeds and spending them at “Candy Kait’s” Candy Shop!

We had a delicious chicken finger dinner before heading to our closing campfire where we sang songs, performed hilarious skits, and sent up our wishes with paper lanterns.

Everyone is now getting ready for bed so they will be well rested for our last full day of camp tomorrow. Sending lots of Kids Cancer Alliance love from Indian Summer Camp!

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