Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Seas The Day

It’s our second morning with the campers and we can tell this week is going to be one for the books! Our younger girl’s got the opportunity to camp outside in tents last night and had a blast! Unfortunately, due to rain there will be no outdoor camping tonight, but will try again tomorrow night! After coming back from the camping adventures the younger girls got to enjoy eating their meals today at the captains table, as their reward for winning clean cabin (CHA CHA CHA). The rest of the campers woke up early this morning to enjoy a cold but exciting POLAR BEAR SWIM. After breakfast, we boarded up and headed to our field trip to Champs Roller Dome.

At Champs we enjoyed some skating, and we have some very talented skaters with us this week!  Then we went stealth mode for some intense laser tag. Campers even got to putt their way through glow in the dark mini golf before playing tons of arcade games! Our campers worked up quite the appetite and enjoyed UNLIMITED pizza for lunch! After cashing out our tickets for some prizes, we packed up and headed back to camp.

Once we arrived back at camp we enjoyed free time before celebrating Taco Tuesday for dinner. Now we are avoiding the rain while watching The Secret Life of Pets and enjoying our perfect view of a double rainbow in the dinning hall before bed.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, good night from all of us here at Indian Summer Camp!

Enjoy a sneak peek of some of our campers having a blast today.

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