Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tons of Fun Tuesday

Wow! Even WE didn’t know you could cram so much fun into one day, but we managed to do it!

After Polar Bear Swim and breakfast we were amazed by a helicopter landing in our front field! The kids got to sit in it and wear all the head gear. They were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to fly it, but said they loved feeling the wind when it landed.

After the helicopter left, the girls tried on and choose formal dresses for the dance and the boys were fitted for tuxes. We were also visited by Tinker Bell, Captain America, and Elsa this morning who hung out with the kids for hours.

After a delicious lunch donated by CUB Bank Shelbyville and Zaxby’s (THANK YOU!), we all loaded up the buses and headed to Malibu Jack’s in Lexington. We had a blast racing go-carts, playing arcade games, and road on a simulator ride. The field trip was made extra special because Josh Harrelson aka “Jorts” came along and bought everyone dippin’ dots ice cream! Thank you Josh!

Once we made it back to camp, we had a Green Eggs and Ham dinner donated by Pam Morris and friends and then this evening the youngest cabins got to play bazooka ball- a camp favorite!

Everyone is thoroughly exhausted now and hitting the hay so we will be ready to rock and roll in the morning once again.

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