Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday- What a Day!

We started the day with the Polar Bear swim….well at least 57 campers did. Many are well on their way to earning the Indian Summer Camp prestigious Polar Bear Medal. This award goes to any camper that appears at the Polar Bear swim every morning of the camp.

Big thanks to the campers in Cabins 8 and 9 who were “hoppers” during breakfast. They did a great helping out the kitchen staff with service and cleanup.

Katy Perry’s soundtrack “Roar” and the Girls of Cabin 1 put on a very special, totally original performance of “Tiger Show” for the Cabin 10 boys.  Broadway never had such heart and enthusiasm. It was a standing ovation for the girls in Cabin 1!

About this time, Indian Summer Camp had two very special visitors. Football players from University of Louisville appeared with jerseys, towels, gloves, big smiles and even bigger hearts for all the campers.

 Whether you happen to be UK or Louisville fans, you have to agree that the Louisville players were the real winners.

Aiden’s Lego Legacy also made an appearance. This is a great organization that had the entire camp sitting in the dining hall putting together Legos. All the campers left with really amazing Lego sets-everything from Star Wars Jedi fighters, Coast Guard helicopters, to Avengers sets.

Newsflash -  
The three semifinalists in the checkers tournament are …… drum roll please….

Cabin 1 (youngest girls), Cabin 7 (girls 10-12), and Cabin 8 (boys 10-12) are in a three way final for the prestigious Indian Summer Camp Life-size Checkers Award. The finals are tomorrow…
Right now, as we type...some campers are watching the Lego movie and others are enjoying a refreshing night-swim in the pool. We are guessing that it will be an early bedtime for most.
We wish everyone a goodnight and will update again tomorrow night.

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  1. It looks like you guys are having a great time! I really want to get my kid out to a summer camp next year. I feel like he would really enjoy it. Maybe I'll have to send him to your camp, haha. It looks like a lot of fun!