Thursday, July 24, 2014

Terrific Tuessday

Each night at camp we all think there's no way to top the day, but they just keep getting better and better! We had another great showing at Polar Bear Swim this morning and there are quite a few campers in the running for the sought after Polar Bear Swim medals.
Choices for Camper and Cabin Choice this morning included archery, fishing, swimming, sports, and arts & crafts. We also crowned Cabin 1 (youngest girls) as winners of the camp-wide checkers tournament! Way to go Cabin 1!
This afternoon we were visited by University of Kentucky football players (GO CATS!) and the Iron Order Motorcycle Crew. The kids LOVED seeing both groups.
Also, this afternoon about 40 people went on a nice hike to find an infamous old bridge in the woods and got back just in time for dinner.
Dinner was a big hit- steak and pork. And good thing we fueled up because this evening was jammed packed with our color war (so fun) and our closing campfire. The campfire consisted of skits, songs, and everyone's favorite- S'MORES. We also had a ceremony for our 5 campers that are graduating and a remembrance ceremony for those that we lost this past year.
We also FINALLY solved the CLUE mystery that we've been investigating all week....and it was Professor Plum, in the Campfire Circle, with a Rope! The cabins that guessed right got to silly string and throw water balloons at Professor Plum as punishment for harming Poogas.
The younger cabins are already dreaming sweetly in bed and the older cabins are hanging out playing board games right now.
We have lots more fun planned for tomorrow including our annual DANCE!


  1. I got to see her shoe!!!! Love it..glad ya'll are having such a good time!!! Miss her tho...I need her home!! Lol...since God is healing her I need to let her grow!!!! I'll see u Saturday KK!!

  2. Oh... and i think u mean Thursday or is this a way to try to keep our kids 2 extra

  3. Goodnight little campers! Lillian hope you enjoy your last night! Can't wait to see today's excitment. I don't see how it could beat yesterday! See y'all tomorrow! Btw I'm jealous looks like too much fun!

  4. This is very cool! My son is going to summer camp in the summer. He is a little nervous about it. I'm going to show him these pictures so he sees how much fun it is.