Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

What a great day at Indian Summer Camp!
The morning started off with Polar Bear swim fresh and early at 7am and after breakfast, campers went on their way to camper and cabin choice. Some went fishing to see who could catch the biggest fish while others caught some very large moss. Other campers started perfecting their chosen circus skills. Let's just say we have lots of rising circus stars!We have many contenders battling for the Davy Crockett award at archery and the competition for the clean cabin award is heating up.
Hot dogs and macaroni were donated for lunch by Texas Roadhouse. After lunch, campers got to hang out with the University of Kentucky football team, enjoyed some delicious Kona Ice, and got wacky goodies provided by We Get To, Wacky Wednesday. THANK YOU....the kids LOVED the goodies!
After swim time and arts and crafts, we had a pasta dinner donated and served by St. Patrick's Church. The oldest cabins got to play Bazooka ball tonight since their game got rained out the night before and they had a blast!
The evening activity tonight was a night swim. It was a little cooler tonight than the last few days, but nobody seemed to mind!
Everyone is now resting peacefully in their bunks dreaming about all the fun we are going to have tomorrow.
Goodnight and sweat dreams from camp!

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