Thursday, July 25, 2013

Graduation Day- Thursday

Wow, we had fun today!!! 
The morning was a typical day at camp- meaning there was nothing typical about it! But we did do more circus practice, more arts and crafts, fishing, and archery.
The graduating campers got to go on their outing today. A limo picked them up and took them to Lexington for lunch, putt-putt, and laser tag. 
We had Raising Canes chicken for lunch which fueled us for an afternoon full of swimming and visitors. The Iron Order motorcycle crew brought out their motorcycles, Kyle Kuric and Luke Hancock visited, as well as Josh Harrelson. 
After a pork & steak dinner we had our closing campfire where we had a heartfelt graduation campfire and memorial before roasting s'mores. 

It's getting late in the week so everyone was pretty ready for bed tonight. Tomorrow is a very big day so be ready to read all about it! 

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